Dana Drachsler Cohen               I am now an assistant professor at the EE Faculty, Technion, check out my new website!

I’m a PhD student under the supervision of Prof. Eran Yahav. My research focuses on program synthesis and concurrent data structures, and bridging the gaps between the two.
In a nutshell, program synthesis aims to make the coding process simpler, better, and accessible for everyone! Concurrent data structures on the other hand, while being key components in many systems, are far from being simple or accessible even for expert programmers.

Can we bridge the gaps? I have a few ideas in mind and you are welcome to stay tuned.

I’m also enthusiastic about many other topics in computer science, and have done some research in recommendation systems and data extraction during summer internships at Yahoo! Labs and Microsoft Research.

Want to hear more or chat? contact me at  ddana@cs.technion.ac.il or drop by my office at Taub building, room 738.